Glitter has hundreds of uses, but what about use on our faces? Cosmetic grade glitter can be used on our faces quite safely. Some uses include our cheeks, eyes and lips. To be safe though we must take more steps than just getting cosmetic grade glitter and smothering it all over your face.

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    We have always found glitter magical, it starts when we are children, glitter is just the best when your a kid but what even is it? Glitter is made of super-thin plastic or foil, this medium is then painted with pigments safe for cosmetics, and then the painted medium is cut into thousands of pieces by a machine, check out more details on how glitter is made!

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    The first step in safely using glitter on your face is to NEVER under any circumstance use craft glitter on your face. Always use a cosmetic grade glitter for this, cosmetic grade glitters are made of plastics which are non-toxic, coloured with pigments rather than dye, this stops the colour from leaching out and staining. There are other properties which differentiate cosmetic grade glitter from craft glitter, the particles are normally rounded rather than hexagonal/diamond/square cuts used in craft glitter, and the facilities used are usually of a much higher standard than the standards of craft glitter facilities.

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    Although our glitters are as safe as they come, nothing is 100% safe, especially near your eyes. Introducing any foreign bodies into the eyes can potentially scratch your corneas, so although you won’t find a safer gliter to use, care still needs to be taken when using glitter near your eyes.

    Cosmetic glitter is very safe for use on the skin, just wash your hands throughly after applying it.

    Cosmetic grade glitter is also safe and easy to apply to nails, the glitter bonds with the lacquer to form a hard plate that most likely won’t budge at all.

    Cosmetic glitter is also safe to use on the lips, obviously be careful not to inhale it or eat it. Although it wouldn’t hurt you unless you ate a lot of it.

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    Applying glitter directly to your skin is a bad idea, it doesn’t really stick and then you risk getting glitter in your eyes, inhaling it, or transferring it somewhere else (Glitter is actually used in forensic science). It is important to choose a good quality medium to use as an adhesive.

    We are currently in the development phase of an awesome medium to stick glitter anywhere including around the eyes, but whilst we develop this we can recommend some other good products. MAC’s Eyeliner Mixing Medium is probably one of the best on the market for use around the eyes, the best all round skin safe adhesive on the market at the moment is Pros-aide Medical Grade Adhesive, this can stick glitter to the skin for up to 7 days straight, Pros-aide is safe for eye use along with pretty much any use on the skin.

    Once your got an adhesive you can proceed by either mixing the glitter in with the medium and then applying the medium or you can apply the medium and then brush the glitter over the medium. These methods can be used for all applications on the skin, around the eyes, on the cheeks, on your nails (although I’d recommend a nail lacquer). Safety is still our highest priority here so if your wearing glitter on your face dont rub your face, don’t apply glitter to childrens faces, DONT EVER put glitter on your water-line, and clean it properly.

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    If a strong adhesive is used a rinse with water is not going to remove glitter from your skin. An oil-based eye makeup remover should be utilized, this can be used with a cotton round, or tissue, always wipe AWAY from your eyes.

    Don’t stop cleaning it until its all removed to avoid any particles becoming lodged in your eye. Use a fresh cotton round to wipe until it is all removed, if any is lodged between your eye lashes remove it with a cotton bud dipped in remover.

    Glitter nail polish can be difficult to remove, the easiest way to remove it is to immerse your finger nail in a container of nail polish remover, soak nails for approximately 20 seconds each, then scrub with a cotton ball to remove the polish.

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    The rules for particles in the eyes are the same for everything, cosmetic grade glitter is no acception. If you feel something in your eyes NEVER RUB your eyes. Use eye drops and water to rinse the eye out. If there is a chance that you’ve scratched your cornea, seek medical advice.